SAIX Is a MANRS Participant Now

We are delighted to announce that SAIX has joined MANRS initiative, as a step forward in providing a secured and reliable environment, and improve the..

SAIX Member Medianova – Announces The Activation of Its New POP in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Medianova, one of Saudi Arabia Internet Exchange newest members has released a blog about their new POP activation in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and connected to..

Activating K-root and F-root in SAIX

K-root Server (Operated by RIPE NCC) and F-root Server (Operated by Internet System Consortium) are now hosted in Saudi Arabia Internet Exchange (SAIX) and started..

Announcement - SAIX Welcome Medianova, RIPE NCC, and Internet System Consortium as New Members Connecting to Saudi IXP

SAIX is pleased to announce three new members to join Saudi Arabia Internet Exchange (SAIX). Those are added to our available connected members list and..