Facility Certification Program

Disclaimer: The program is in pilot and technical details would be worked out with interested entities.


SAIX Facility Base Certification Program will introduce a partnership model with any capable Facility or Data Center to extend SAIX service. The Certification will enable them to be recognized as neutral peering location to get SAIX services.

Program Benefits

  • Utilizing existing investments.
  • Provide fair opportunity for Colocation.
  • Enable mature competition in services.
  • Enable access to neutral peering.
  • Potential increase in quality, SLA, and time to market for colocation business.

Certification Requirements


  • Location need to be within the city or district of SAIX.
  • Distance between Facility and main SAIX should achieve no more than 3ms RTT/latency.
  • Location need to be accessible, and have at least 2x DSP connected and active.
  • Have the ability to provision Space, Power, and Cabling service.
  • Facility should have a defined support, security and environmental control process.


  • 2x Rack space and power should be available for SAIX setup.
  • Facility should provide SAIX with the equipment that will be installed on site. 1x switch for 10G scope, and 2x switches for 100G scope.
  • Provide a L2 Ethernet connection from Facility SAIX setup to SAIX main site.
  • Facility should ensure operation of the link with max threshold (30%)


  • Facility should be capable of providing colocation or hosting services to their customers.
  • Facility should offer an off-net connection to SAIX setup.
  • Facility should have the mean to provide Internet connection to their customers either directly or through Data Service providers.