Announcement – SAIX Welcome Medianova, RIPE NCC, and Internet System Consortium as New Members Connecting to Saudi IXP

SAIX is pleased to announce three new members to join Saudi Arabia Internet Exchange (SAIX). Those are added to our available connected members list and available for peering with connected and regional networks.

SAIX team would like to welcome RIPE NCC, Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), and Medianova:

  • Medianova is one of the Global Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) in Europe and Middle East that is providing a verity of reliable CDN solutions and cloud platforms such as streaming, caching, microcaching, hybrid CDN and web site acceleration, in addition to bringing Social media, gaming, and OTT contents. which would have a good impact on the Internet user’s experience.
  • RIPE NCC is one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) providing Internet resource allocations, registration services and coordination activities that support the operation of the Internet globally, and it is operating the domain name servers (K-root, one of the 13 Internet root name servers).
  • Internet System Consortium (ISC) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to supporting the Internet community with software essential to its infrastructure, and provides a number of Operational Programs and Services that benefit users of the Internet directly and indirectly. Since 1994, ISC has operated F-Root (one of the 13 Internet root DNS servers) as a public service to the Internet.
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